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Looking for Anniversary Gift Ideas? Consider Getting a Fountain

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Celebrating an anniversary is a special time for couples. During this celebration, you will often find that you are compelled to purchase something special for the person in your life. If this is the case, then you will want to find something that can be given and kept for years to come.

If you're looking for a permanent reminder of your love on a daily basis, then you may want to consider giving the gift of a fountain. No matter what type of home you live in, there are many fountains available that can represent the love and dedication that you have for each other. Learning about these fountains is an ideal way to start planning your special anniversary gift.

Concrete Fountains

If you're looking for a permanent location to set a fountain, then consider purchasing one made out of concrete. A concrete fountain has the strength and durability to last through multiple years. It can withstand all types of weather and will make a great addition to your landscape. These fountains can pump in water from a nearby pond or use a water source at your home.

Concrete fountains are typically styled in a circular shape. This can help create a great centerpiece for your patio, garden, or other backyard area. The concrete can be finished in a number of different styles, with each one showcasing elegant designs and varying patterns.

Resin Fiberglass Fountains

Another option for a fountain material is a resin fiberglass fountain. Resin materials can be molded to look like a variety of things, giving you a lot of creative options for your fountain design. For example, you can have a fiberglass fountain that is designed to look like a collection of natural rocks piled up together to form a waterfall shape. You can also chose designs that look like trees and other parts of nature.

If you and your partner are huge nature lovers, then this type of fountain is ideal. A variety of color options are also available, making it easy to match the fountain to other backyard decorations and designs. You also have the option of selecting a color base that represents your loved one's favorite colors.

Love Symbols

A lot of fountain designs will naturally implement romance and love into their creations. For example, a number of concrete fountains may feature human designs or creatures like cupid formed directly into the fountain. You can also go for a not so obvious theme. For example, a fountain with symmetrical bird designs could represent each person in your relationship and showcase your unity together.

A number of animal themes are available for the fountains. Along with birds, you can find fountains with lions, dogs, cats, and fish. A number of floral patterns are also available. Present your love and anniversary with a fountain that showcases rose designs all around the edges. A number of other flower options are also available, including lilies and a mix of flowers.

Fountain Accessories

Along with the fountain, you can purchase a variety of accessories to go with it. One of the easiest accessories to purchase is a set of chairs. A couple of chairs or even a bench will allow you to sit by the fountain and enjoy your company together. If you're purchasing a fountain made out of concrete, then you can easily find a bench that matches the color tones and designs. You can also purchase a variety of lights for the fountain.

The lights can also allow you to see the fountain display at night and can add so romantic effects to the design. For example, you can select pink-tinted lights or another color to represent your love. Fountain companies can provide you with a full list of available accessories.

Plan out the fountain well in advance of the anniversary so that you and your loved one can have it installed just in time. To learn more, visit resources like