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Add Beauty To Your Home With Custom Metal Wildlife Panels For Your Staircase

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If you're looking for a unique way to add some glamour to your home, then you may want to think about adding wildlife staircase panels to your staircase. These panels are beautiful works of art that replace traditional wood posts in outdoor or indoor staircases. They come in many different designs so you can get one as artsy or as plain as you want. Here is some information about this decorative building material.

Wildlife Panels Are Laser Cut From Metal

Wildlife panels are custom made for you. You can choose the spindles, scene, and border you want and the panels are cut from a sheet of metal to fit your stairs. You can also work with a designer to create a custom design for your home. The design is cut from metal with a laser and the sharp edges are buffed out so the metal is smooth and safe to touch. It is then powder coated and colored. This process ensures the panels hold onto their beauty for years to come even if you have them mounted on an outdoor staircase.

Wildlife Panels Are Sturdy When Installed

Wildlife panels replace the wood spindles on your staircase, but they are made to safety standards so your staircase remains safe for kids to use. They are as sturdy as plain metal spindles, and since you can control the design, you can even close the gaps more than they are now if you have concerns about a family pet getting through the sides of the staircase. While you may want a wildlife panel for aesthetic reasons alone, you can feel confident the panels will be safe and comply with building codes.

The Metal Panels Are Easy To Maintain

The wildlife designs cut into the panels have many nooks and notches, but thanks to the powder coating, you won't have to worry about rusting or other deterioration. You may want to hose off an outdoor panel to keep dirt and dust from collecting in the curves of the design, but you won't have to do much maintenance. Metal is a durable material, so much so that it is used as roofing and fencing. It won't rot or need to be repaired. If it happens to be scratched by someone carrying something heavy up the stairs, you can fill in the crack with paint to hide it and keep rust out. About the only thing you'll need to do to maintain your beautiful new panels is to keep them clean with regular dusting or washing.

Wildlife panels are an excellent way to bring more art into your home. You can have panels made of tree scenes, climbing foliage, or various beautiful animals such as elephants or big cats. They're a fun way to bring beauty to your backyard or your indoor living space.