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Three Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Stone Countertops (But Wish You Did!)

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You hear a lot about stone countertops; how beautiful they are, what a pain they are to maintain, how you should never use sharp instruments on their surfaces, etc. What you do not hear are all of the really amazing things about stone countertops. In fact, here are three amazing things you did not know about these countertops but wish you had known before. You might even decide that stone countertops are what you need in your home.

They Are Completely Free of Additives, Dyes, Preservatives and Toxic Chemicals

Completely natural stone countertops have nothing in them or on them that could lead to poisoning or toxicity levels in your body. These complete stone slabs are mined or quarried directly from the site in which they used to lay. If you want, they can be sanded to a smooth surface and lightly buffed with a soft buffing pad, but that is the limit of anything unnatural occurring to their production. 

It Takes a Sledgehammer to Break Them

These are real stone slabs. Most of the materials in most stone slabs are so heavy and so dense that it takes a sledgehammer to break them. Of course, they could also break if you accidentally drop them against a hard surface from a specified height, but your countertop installation technicians are not about to do that. Ergo, these countertops will outlast the wood cupboards underneath them, which says a lot about the durability of both the countertops and your cabinets.

If Need Be, You Can Use a Light Pressure Wash to Clean Them

Pressure washing inside the house seems so out-of-place, but these stone countertops are A) used to pressure in the first place, and B) are equally used to water hitting their surfaces. After all, the countertops were part of rock faces in the earth before they became your countertops. Ergo, when your countertops made of stone become dirty, and there is a bit of a stain, you can use a mild setting on a pressure washer to clean the countertops and purge the stain.

Ready to Remodel? Contact Your Stone Mason

Stone countertops are not something you can walk into any hardware store and buy. You have to go to a stone products store and request them. You can also hire a stone mason and ask him/her to find and install these countertops for you. He/she will need to take measurements in order to cut the stone slabs for your countertops and then it will take a few days to install them.