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Beautiful Remodeling Ideas For A Master Bath Renovation

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One of the biggest renovation projects a homeowner might have to tackle is a master bath remodel. There are a few reasons why this project is both challenging as well as totally worthwhile. The bathroom is one of the prime rooms in your home when it comes to resale value. A really beautiful master bath will make your home more valuable, and therefore it is something that is worth the investment. Besides it being important for improving the resale value of your home, a modern master bath is also something that you and your significant other will greatly enjoy. An old, outdated bathroom is not very enjoyable. So, here are some beautiful ideas to get you started when it comes time to remodel your bathroom. 

Copper Sinks

Instead of just swapping out the faucet and trying to revive the look of the bathroom sink the easy way, you might want to consider a more comprehensive approach. If you take out the old sink and replace it with a classic copper sink, you will really get a total makeover look to the entire room. This approach would work well if you happen to have an old sink set that you've been dying to replace. Copper sinks come in a variety of designs from undermounts to self-rimming. When you pair them with a new paint job in the bathroom, as well as with a possible bathtub replacement, it will totally transform your bathroom from bland to beautiful. 

Clawfoot Tubs 

The next thing you might want to look at is the type of bathtub you have in your space. If you are looking to replace your current tub, then you might want to consider a classic clawfoot tub. These are gorgeous looking, as well as very easy to work into a master bath design. Unlike some modern tubs that require the space to be outfitted to fit their unique design, clawfoot tubs are the original freestanding designs that have been used in homes going back to Victorian times. Also, they work really well with a copper sink look, and will create a really nice classic motif. 

Glazed Tiles 

Finally, you might consider adding some glazed tiles to your room. This will create a visual splash against the basic painted walls. You can add a design to ring the room; you don't just have to use it in the shower or tub area. You can also mix patterns and designs to create a more unique visual aesthetic, so you can combine larger subway style tiles with smaller mosaic tiles.