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Three Balcony Railing Material Options For Your Minimalist Home

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Balcony railings are an important safety feature that can even enhance the look of your home's exterior. However, for more appeal, it's best to find custom balcony railings that complements your home's style, especially if your home is fashioned in a minimalist style. Minimalist homes are all about balance and a less-is-more approach, so the fixtures in the home should speak to these qualities. Rather than choosing a railing system that clashes with your style, learn about some of the custom material options you have to choose from. 


Glass should be a top choice because this material has the unique ability to be present, but not really be seen. A glass railing for your balcony provides the safety and stability that you need for the balcony without taking away from the other style elements of the home. 

If your home is fashioned more on the traditional side, install the glass railing with a frame that compliments different fixtures of the home, such as the color of the window trim. If your home is more modern, think about having the glass balcony installed in a suspended style with an invisible frame system. 


For a unique addition to your minimalist home, consider a cable option for your balcony railing. Cable systems are typically designed with metal cables that are either hung vertically or horizontally. To add to the minimalist element of your home, design this railing system with the cable post in a neutral color, such as black or a natural stainless-steel fashion. 

Posts in this color have a modern look and speak to the minimalist theme. For added safety, design the railing with the cables hung vertically, as it will be harder for a younger child to try and climb the railing.


Mesh is another material option that is similar to glass in that it blends in well with the background, while still adding a style element to the exterior of the house. A great thing about mesh is that the tighter the mesh pattern the less visible the mesh is, especially if it's designed in a color that is similar to your home's exterior. 

However, another awesome thing about mesh is that is can be designed in different styles. For instance, the mesh can be designed traditionally, or in a unique or abstract design. Keep in mind; mesh railings are designed in a thicker metal than traditional mesh, so safety is not a concern.

A custom balcony railing system is ideal for your home's minimalist style. Contact a design and installation professional to get started on a design for your home.