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Three People Who Can Benefit From A Chair And A Half

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When you visit your local furniture store, one piece of furniture that you might encounter is something known as a chair and a half. You might not have previously heard this term, but it's used to describe a chair that is wider than a standard chair. This type of furniture is typically padded, making it a good addition to your living room. Although a chair and a half can take up more floor space than a standard chair, its big advantage is that additional space that it provides. Virtually everyone can enjoy using this piece of furniture, but here are some people who can especially benefit from it.

Those Who Are Overweight

A chair and a half is an ideal furniture choice for people who are overweight. Depending on the design of a chair, it may be uncomfortable to sit in because your body can feel as though it's tightly pressed between the arms. When you use a chair and a half, you'll have more space on each side of your body. This can not only make you feel more comfortable, but it can also reduce your stress. The idea of being crammed into a chair, especially in front of other people, may make you feel self-conscious about your body.

Those Who Sit With Their Feet Up

People sit in comfortable chairs in all sorts of ways. While some people simply keep both feet on the floor or perhaps cross their legs, others find that it's more comfortable to bend their knees and tuck their feet up under them on the chair. Whether you're reading, watching TV, or playing on your cellphone, this may be a preferred position for you. The issue with this position is that it can be awkward in a conventional chair, especially if you have long legs. A chair and a half will give you more space to sit with your legs up on the chair.

Those Who Sit With A Child

If you spend a lot of time sitting with a young child, a chair and a half can be a welcome addition to your living room. For example, if you're a grandparent who never gets through a visit with your grandchild without sitting and reading to him or her, you're probably used to the child sitting on your lap. As the child grows, having him or her, join you in your favorite chair can be awkward. While you can move to the couch, it's possible that other family members are using this piece of furniture. Your new chair and a half will give you and your grandchild a perfect venue for reading together.