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Features Of The Ideal Office Chair

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When you run an office, it's important to remember that the employees will be sitting in their chairs for hours on end. Therefore, their office chairs will have a big impact on their days. They can work in uncomfortable conditions, but comfortable chairs will likely make employees more productive because they won't be distracted by an aching back.

Below are some of the features to look for in a good office chair.

Breathable Fabrics

As noted, employees will sit in their chairs for hours on end. The upholstery must be comfortable, so don't get anything that's abrasive or itchy. Also, look for breathable fabrics because they'll keep the body from overheating.

Durable Materials

Similarly, you're going to invest some capital in your office furniture. Therefore, it needs to last, which at least partially comes from the materials. Cheap materials will break down more quickly. Look for foam that's resilient and upholstery that feels durable. Make sure all parts of the chair are put together well. Likewise, the casters should roll smoothly.

Adjustable Height

You'll be providing chairs for a range of heights. Therefore, one single height of chair for all your employees won't be sufficient. You want chairs that they can adjust for height. What's more, look for chairs with pneumatic adjustment levers, which makes adjustment easier. Ensure employees don't need extra tools to make their adjustments because that situation isn't very productive.

Adjustable Backrest

Different heights and body types will lead to different body constructions. Therefore, adjustments for height won't be enough to keep employees comfortable. They need to be able to adjust the position of the backrest, too, so it hits in a supportive spot. The adjustment mechanism should lock to keep the backrest in place.

Adequate Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is paramount. The back is the first body part to go when employees sit all day. The backrest needs to be contoured to support the back. The contour should keep the back at a slight arch to prevent slumping, which causes backache.

Easy Reclining

During the day, employees will need to adjust their positions. They may even need to sit back for a few minutes to think over a problem. Therefore, the office chair needs to recline easily. This ease of reclining allows for sustainable or long-term sitting with a productive focus. Chairs, therefore, shouldn't require force for reclining.

Use the above guide to help you choose office seating for your company.