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4 Interior Railings For Your Home

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If you are in need of some new railing, you have a lot of options. Railings come in hundreds of styles and colors to fit any home. Take a look at these four interior railing choices to have installed in your house. 

1. Classic 

Classic railings are wooden with neatly spaced spindles set between thicker posts that might be square shaped or rounded. Classic railings have become the standard in most homes for a reason; they are affordable and offer a timeless look that will never really go out of style. Classic railings come in just about any color of wood stain, from pale ash or oak to deep mahogany or cherry. These railings are easily painted and can change along with your style. A classic railing is versatile enough to look good in just about any room. 

2. Iron 

Another popular railing choice is iron. An iron railing is strong and has a bolder look than a classic railing. In iron railings, the spindles are made or wrought iron, usually shaped into intricate designs. Some iron railings are shaped like branches or flowers, others feature a small open swirl in the middle or detailed scrolling that connects the spindles to each other in an overarching design. Iron railing tends to look best when shown off against a flat and empty wall. Choose an iron railing shaped like reaching branches, if you have a log cabin, for a stunning earthy feel that looks amazing against heavy wood. 

3. Wall 

A wall railing is a practical choice and a safe option that prevents children or animals from getting body parts stuck between the spindles. It can be made of wood, glass, or much like any wall in your house, wood and drywall. Since it blocks your line of sight, a drywall or wood wall railing is a good choice when the staircase is coming up from a basement or other room you might not want on constant display. A glass wall railing looks stunning in a crisp and clean house with plenty of light and metal accents to offset the transparency of the railing. 

4. Wire 

A wire railing replaces typical vertical spindles with horizontal bands of thick and sturdy wire cables running between metal or wood posts. From a distance, the cables almost disappear, giving the staircase an open, slightly ethereal feel. Wire railings are popular in contemporary style homes with an industrial look that focuses on lines and textures. Wire railings look amazing with a floating staircase.

For more information on interior railings, contact a local stair and railing company.