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Get A Lot Of Weeds In Your Flower Bed? How To Get Them Out And Prevent Them From Coming Back

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If you get a lot of weeds in your flower bed this can get very frustrating. This is because many weeds are very hard to get rid of and they will keep coming back. Weeds can make your flower bed look very bad and kill your flowers. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get the weeds out and to prevent them from coming back again.

Use Non-Selective Weed Killer

An organic non selective weed killer will kill a variety of weeds by spraying the weed killer directly on them. The main thing to consider is this weed killer will also kill your flowers so you need to take steps to protect them. One good way to do this is to use a cardboard box. Remove the end of the box so each end is completely open. Place the cardboard box over the weeds that you want to kill. You then spray the weed killer inside the cardboard box and onto the weeds. Move the cardboard box around until all weeds are killed.

If you are at the beginning of growing season you can spray this weed killer over your entire flower bed. This will stop the weeds from coming in in the first place. If you do this make sure you spray the weed killer at least one day before you start planting. 

Prevent Weeds

Along with using weed killer you should use mulch and put an edging around your flower bed. Mulch will prevent the weeds from getting sun or rain so they will die quickly. Put around three inches of mulch over the soil. Push the mulch back away from each plant so water and sun can get to the plants. 

Also put an edging around your flower bed. This edging can prevent weeds from moving in. There are a variety of edging you can use, including stone or concrete edging. There is also metal edging available that is easy to install on your own. Any of these can make your flower bed look very nice and neat. Make sure the edging is pushed into the ground deep enough to stop the weeds from growing into the flower bed. About three to four inches should be enough.

Hire a landscaper to help you if you do not want to do any of this on your own. The landscape contractor can also give you many more tips on weed control.