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When To Replace Your Sliding Glass Door

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Sliding glass doors are great. They let a lot of sunshine into your home, they give you a great unobstructed view, and they offer you a convenient way to go in and out of the house. However, as time goes on, they can start to give you problems, just as with anything in your home. You can learn some important things in this article that will help you to recognize some of the warning signs of your sliding glass door coming to the point where you should have it replaced. 

 The sliding glass door is hard to open

Sliding glass doors should open and close smoothly. However, when a sliding glass door gets hard for you to open, then it is often a sign that it is time to replace the sliding door. It may have become warped due to all of the direct sunlight it has been exposed to throughout the years and this can make it become very hard to open. Also, there may be problems with the rollers being damaged. Depending on the age of your sliding glass door, you may even have a lot more options available that help you get an energy-efficient one with stronger glass, including dual-paned glass.

There is obvious damage

Your sliding glass door may have visual damage to it, as well as other damage that you can tell is happening to it. For example, there may be dents where something has hit the frame of the sliding glass door. There may also be visible scrapes and dings that are significant enough that it shows your sliding glass door has had its fair share of wear and tear. It's a good idea to replace yours when it is showing many kinds of damage, even if they look small because the sliding glass door needs to be in near-perfect shape to prevent break-ins and to continue functioning properly.

There are gaps around the sliding glass door

If you have gaps around the doors and the frame, then you are going to need to have the sliding glass door replaced, and it should be replaced soon. Those gaps are going to let drafts come inside and it will be very expensive for you to keep your home cooled or warmed until you have a new door installed. Also, those gaps create the perfect spaces for a lot of different types of pests to come right into your home, creating the possibility of an infestation.

If your sliding door isn't in good condition, reach out to a professional for a residential sliding door replacement