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Why Rain Gutters Are An Essential Part Of Your Home

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Often people think of rain gutters on a home as a way to stop the water coming off the roof from soaking them as they go in or out of the house. While this is one function, rain gutters play a significant role in protecting your home, and proper rain gutter installation is essential. 

Choosing The Best Gutters For Your Home

Working with a contractor or rain gutter installation service is the first step in installing effective rain gutters on your home that will move the water coming off the house to an area that can better deal with it. The amount of water coming off the roof of your house during heavy rain can be damaging to the soil around your home, the foundation, and any flower beds or shrubbery near the house. 

The goal of any rain gutter system is to redirect that water through a series of gutters and downspouts to remove the potential for damage and deal with the water. The downspouts often flow into a drainage system under the lawn to get the water out away from the house and allow it to seep slowly into the ground without causing damage. 

Seamless Gutters

When talking to the rain gutter installation service, you may want to ask about seamless gutters for your home. The seamless gutter offers the advantage of being one long piece, so there are no seams to separate and leak over time. They also look much nicer, and many of these gutters use a mounting system that is hidden from view, making them much more aesthetically pleasing from outside the home. 

The downspouts should also be made from one piece of material so the only connection is at the gutter, reducing the chances that the downspout will separate along its length. This will make the downspout much more durable and reduce the maintenance each year. 

Gutter Materials

Rain gutter installation services offer many styles of rain gutters and nearly as many material options. In recent years, PVC plastic has become popular for rain gutters because it does not rust or deteriorate, but it can become brittle and crack or break in cold weather. Aluminum is also commonly used with good success and has been available in both seamless and standard rain gutters for years. 

The aluminum does not require painting, it will not rust, and it is relatively strong, so it will stay in place if installed correctly. Alternatively, you can still find copper rain gutters that look wonderful outside the home but are significantly more expensive than other materials you could use. Talk to the rain gutter installation service working on your home about the optional gutter materials and what they recommend when you are ready to have new gutters put on your house.