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Finding The Perfect Faucet For Your Bathroom Vanity Or Sink

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Buying a new faucet for your bathroom often involves looking for the right one that fits your style and decor. You also need to consider the type of fixture, and in some bathrooms, wide-spread bathroom faucets work better or might be necessary for the vanity you selected. 

Understanding Wide Spread Faucets

Bathroom faucets are available in many styles and finishes, so when you are ready to install a new vanity, it is essential to get the right one for the sink you are using. Wide-spread bathroom faucets are fixtures that have independent spouts and valves, so there is a separate hot and cold handle on them.

The wide-spread fixture is popular, and as a result, there are many vanities and sinks prefilled for them. Vanities with three holes are designed to use these fixtures, so if you want separate hot and cold water in your bathroom sink, you need to pick this type of future to go with it. Some material can be drilled to accept these faucets, but if you are considering that, it is critical to have a professional with the right tools do the work, so the sink does not crack or break.

Plumbing Your New Faucet

Installing wide-spread bathroom faucets is not much different than standard ones. Bathroom faucets all have separate connections underneath for hot and cold water supply already, but on single stem faucets, they run through a mixing valve, and the wide-spread fixture mixes the two when you open and close the handles. 

You do need to measure the distance between the holes to ensure your fixture is the correct width to fit your vanity, and there are some different sizes that allow you to choose a style and layout that you like. You can adjust some fixtures before they are installed and allow a little more flexibility, so check with your local plumbing supply or home center to see what is available. 

Maintenance And Repair

Wide-spread bathroom faucets have valves that can wear and leak over time. This is often because the seals or o-rings in the valve become cracked or torn, be they are easy to fix, and there are kits available that the homeowner can purchase to make the repairs themselves. 

Faucets with mixing valves are not immune to this problem, but the advantage for wide-spread fixtures is that the entire valve can be pulled out and changed. In contrast, single-handle faucets need to have the mixing valve replaced, and it can be a little more challenging to get right.

If you have a leaking valve on your faucet, take it with you to the plumbing supply, and they can match it with a new part, so all you need to do is reinstall it, put the handle on, and turn on the water.

For more information about wide-spread bathroom sink faucets, contact a home contractor in your area such as Kingston Kitchen and Bath.