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Clean Your Window Blinds The Right Way To Avoid Damage

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Deep cleaning involves cleaning all surfaces, including window blinds. While cleaning the blinds may be an afterthought, they are a prime spot for dirt and dust accumulation that is hard to mask. Yet, while it is important to clean blinds, it is equally important to go about the process the correct way to avoid causing any damage. 

Remove Dust

Remove dust from the window blinds first. Dust accumulates daily, so it can become rather thick. If you do not remove the dust first, then when you apply a cleaning solution, you will have wet dust spread all over the blinds, which is harder to remove. 

However, it can get pushed into the fastener sockets on the blinds and accumulate on the lift strings. It can be impossible to remove from these surfaces, which will make the blinds look dirty permanently. As an added tip, if you do not clean your blinds regularly and you have allergies, you may want to wear a face mask during this part of the process. 

Clean in the Right Order

If you do not clean in the right fashion, you will prolong the process and possibly damage the blinds. First, always work from top to bottom. For instance, if you begin dusting at the base of the blinds and work your way up, the result will be dust trickling down onto the areas you already cleaned. 

Second, clean the blinds in a closed position. When the blinds are open, pressure from wiping can put too much force on the slats and cause them to break. In a closed state, you do not have to worry about this. Simply clean one side and then use the wand to adjust the direction of the blinds. 

Go Easy with Products

Blinds do not require heavy-duty cleaning products. In fact, for most areas of the home, such as the bathroom, bedroom, and living room, dusting is the only requirement. Yet, in the kitchen, you may need to use a solution to remove some of the grease buildup that has accumulated on the slats. 

However, you should never apply anything more than a mild detergent. Too strong of a cleaner can break down the material and make it more susceptible to sun damage or even cause discoloration. Check with the manufacturer for specific cleaning suggestions. 

If you already clean your blinds, you are on the right track, but be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure you are going about the process the right way. To learn more about how to maintain your window blinds, reach out to a local supplier.