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Is It Time To Change Your Electrical Panel? 4 Ways To Tell

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Your electrical panel is a vital component of your home's electrical system. The panels feature circuits that help transmit electric current to outlets and lighting fixtures. While these electrical panels can operate efficiently for a long time, they'll eventually reach the end of their useful life. When they do, there will be noticeable signs. This may include flickering of lights, a tripping circuit breaker, and odd smells and sounds from the panel. Here's a detailed overview of the warning indicators you should watch out for.

Making Frequent Trips to Untrip the Breaker

A circuit breaker that keeps tripping should be a cause for concern, as this can happen when your home draws a lot of electricity. By flipping the breaker back, you'll restore the flow of electric current. However, if it keeps persistently tripping, call a licensed electrician to inspect your panel and advise on the need for repairs. If they notice extensive rust build-up or burn marks on the breaker, they may need to replace it or change the electrical panel.

You're Planning to Upgrade Your Home

If you plan to renovate your home, speak to a licensed electrician for a service panel upgrade. A home upgrade may involve changing appliances like the air conditioner and refrigerator. Your current electrical panel may not effectively handle the power usage from newer appliances. You might need to replace this electrical panel to ensure your electrical system matches the current safety standards.

Your Lights Keeps Turning On and Off

Consider scheduling an electrical inspection if your lights flicker when you use appliances like a blender. You could be experiencing this issue because your electronics and lights are using a lot of electricity than what your panel can offer. A replacement is inevitable if your electrician determines that your panel can't handle a large electric load.

You Notice Burning Odors

A burning odor from your electric panel should be a cause for concern. Such smells are common in old or overloaded panels and point to an imminent electrical fire. In most cases, such a smell is due to the melting of the plastic covering of electric wires. The most effective way to handle such an issue is by contacting your electrician to change your electrical panel.

If you notice any of the above issues consider seeking the help of a licensed electrician. The electrician will change your panel quickly and efficiently, keeping your home safe from a fire outbreak.