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Three Reasons To Have A Two-Level Pond

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When you picture a pond in your backyard, you might think of a simple water feature in a shape of your choosing. While there's nothing wrong with having a pond company build you a conventional-looking pond in whatever area of your yard could benefit from this addition, it can also be fun to think about ponds that are more elaborate. One idea to consider is a two-level pond. This is a pond that has water at two different heights; some people even decide to go a step further and opt for a three- or four-level pond. Here are some reasons to choose a two-level pond. 

Good In Sloped Yards

The type of yard you have can partially influence what style of pond is the best fit. While a standard pond can work well in a small, flat yard, you may want to consider other options when you have a sloped yard. If you live on a property that is sloped—perhaps the house is at the top of a small hill and the yard slopes down to a body of water—a two-level pond can be a perfect fit. This type of pond works very well on hills and can cover a lot of space to give your yard the style you want.

Opportunity For A Waterfall

While it's possible to add a waterfall feature to one-level ponds, you may find that this fun feature looks best on a pond that has two levels. The most obvious way to incorporate a waterfall into a two-level pond is to have the water flow from the upper pond into the lower one. And, if you like the idea of additional levels, you can have waterfalls connect each of them too. If you want your backyard pond to have a natural look, seeing water flowing from one level to another can give you the look that you want.

High Level Of Visual Appeal

People think about adding ponds to their backyards for all sorts of reasons. One reason is to increase the visual appeal of this space. While any pond can add beauty to a yard, it's easy to feel that a two-level pond can offer a high level of visual appeal. If you ask your pond company to show you some images of single-level ponds versus those with two levels, you may find that a pond in the latter category would do a better job of dramatically augmenting the look of your yard.

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